Jeremy Hazell – 19th April 2006

I really felt that God was going to give this church here a real prophetic edge. I believe that God is stirring some things in your own hearts about prophetic ministry. I think that our involvement in God is doing here is not by accident but one of the things God wants to do stir up is the prophetic in you and because of that there‟s going to be a greater release of the gifts of the spirit, especially the gift of revelation that going to begin to move in the church. I just really felt this was a time where God‟s going to open some doors in that area and I almost feel you should consider putting together a prophetic team where they meet just on as little, once a month or once every six weeks to spend some time praying together and praying that they understand more about the prophetic and develop it in the church together and alongside the leaders.

As I was thinking this God really just brought to mind the prophet Elisha. I hope that I have enough time to unburden because God says I felt like you know on the Matrix when the girl says I need to fly the helicopter and she gets that big download of information and so I‟m just going to go through and only touch briefly on this. I really believe God wants to speak to you from the life of Elisha.

The first thing I really felt was when Elisha came in to Jericho which was supposed to be a fragrant place, it was supposed to be a place of productivity – the land was unproductive and there were some things as Elisha spoke, productivity came to the land, life came back to the land. And I believe there‟s been a heart in this church to speak life into the land, to speak life into different places in the land and the Lord says it going to continue and there‟s going to be a greater release of that speaking of life.

The other thing has to come is refreshing; if you look at the next thing that really happened to Elisha was when the armies were in the desert, they didn‟t have any water and they called for Elisha to come. And when Elisha came there was a release of water that came up and there was a refreshing. I believe that God says this is to be a house where there is a refreshing that come to the people of the Lord and there are going to be waves of refreshing to come here and there are going to be times where even the other churches in the region are going to come together in this place and it‟s going to be like God opens a well of refreshing where there‟s been some digging done into the ground to be able to contain this thing. It‟s going to be a place where people are going to come and be refreshed.

The next thing was with the widow‟s oil – there was a supply of oil. I really felt there was an anointing that God wants to happen here, He wants you to share with other people, a pouring out of anointing and the Lord says, you know, sometimes you look at what you‟ve got, this little jar of oil, God, what are we going to do with it? We‟ve got this little place? Even in some of the bigger centres God‟s going to allow you to go into some of the larger centres with your cruise of oil and as you begin to pour it out God is going to multiply and increase some place where it actually touches, releases and anointing in a larger way.

The next thing was in restoring life, there was the lady who thought her son had died, I believe there are some situations where it seems like church are about to die or that a church has died that God is going to give you some insight in how to bring resurrection, breathe life into that again.
And I feel like God is saying these things to and right now some of you are saying, „God this is heavy.‟ And yes it is heavy. And you‟re saying, „God I‟m not sure we can handle this.‟ And God‟s saying I will give you the strength to do this, not by might or power but by my spirit says the Lord. So I‟m going to keep on going.

The next thing God brought to mind was where there were all these men who are hungry and they fed them, they did the Jesus thing with the barley loaves. They began to break the loaves and to feed them. I felt there was another aspect to God and was in the area of teaching – being able to break the word of God out and feed it, Jesus said, „Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord.‟ We see that in the bible and breaking that out in teaching and sometimes the prophetic as well. Prophetic teaching is going to come out of this group, out of this team from this church here, which is going to bring life to help and strength even to individuals and churches.

I also believe there will be healing – I believe there will be healing going to happen and I feel there‟s going to be someone, one person in particular who going to raise up in the congregation who‟s going to have a strong anointing for healing and it‟s like they will release healing to some in the other churches around.

The last has to do with building houses – I just saw you building houses in places and establishing new frontiers. I love the house that Elisha built was the sons of prophets, it was a log house, it just reminded me of being on the frontier. I really feel you help to build houses on the frontiers. Sometimes people send pioneers out there and they live in a tent for a little while and they cook and they go hunting and do whatever they do in those situations but I believe that God says, it‟s like God‟s giving you the package. In our country you can buy a log home package, you buy it, take it out, it comes on the back of a truck, it‟s all bound up in nice little pieces and just roll off the logs and put them together and you have got a log house. I believe in the same way, it’s like church plants, like these log home packages, you take it to the frontier and unpackage it.

I think that there’s a key to this church in this region – there‟s been a key to this church and I think the people from this region will acknowledge that there has been a key influence you play as a church in this region. And I believe that God is going, that this word flows from this church out to the rest of the region. I really feel it‟s more than just this church and that‟s why I said you can‟t take some of the weight of these things yourself, you‟re not expected to. That‟s why God has put the team together here in this area and I just see that you‟re going to be planting this thing, taking these pre-packaged log homes – some logs will come from over here, some logs from over there and some from up there. You are going to take this package and put it out into the place where it‟s going to take ground for the kingdom of God. So that‟s basically what the heart of what God wanted to share with and I hope it helps.