Keith Hazell – 19th April 2006

I felt the Lord has given me a scripture from the book of Timothy tonight where Paul spoke to Timothy he said that „Thank God for faith that was in him that was first in his mother or firstly grandmother and then his mother‟ and I believe God wants to speak something trans-generational to this church. I believe God wants there to be a strong trans-generational ministry in this church. I believe God is saying you need to strengthen the areas where you have in the church so that you can have ministry that will encompass three generations at one time. And that God is saying to you that He doesn‟t want it to be, this judged to be either one or the other or the other, He wants you to embrace all three of those aspects in the Holy Spirit. And there is a day coming when people will be raised up in this church, there is a strong children‟s ministry. I can see if not already the children’s ministry is exceedingly important in the church. It‟s like there’s a heavy portion of spiritual teachers in this church, and that‟s important that there‟s an impartation to the children and an impartation to young people and young adults in the church. God says you are not to become the church of the past but you‟re to become the church of the now and the church of the future.

There‟s some kind of updating God is doing in your vision in this house, some updating in mission and God says He just wants to cause you to know that you‟ve only just begun to make impact. I think some days you sit back and feel pretty good – look what God‟s done from here. God says that you‟ve only just begun to make impact, you‟re just beginning to sense that there‟s an impact. The other thing is that God showed me hat he wants this church to be like a spiritual Asda – now you can give away free holidays, all sorts of things! I just think you need to recognise that this place is always is going to be stacked with talent and, stacked with gifting and there are always going to be people coming to this church and taking things and people off in their buggy and taking them to other churches, taking them to other situations and something in you is going to rise up and say „Wait a minute‟ but God says we don‟t have time to wait a minute because He’s making this a supply centre. And God says that you need to acquiesce with that and support it. You need to say, „Yes Lord.‟ to that.

Because God says there’s a kingdom heart in this place not just of this church, there‟s a kingdom heart in this place and I believe that God says to you as a church that uniquely you will be a church that processes people in and processes people out. There will always be some coming and some going and you will always just feel that if we could only keep this person a little bit longer we could really get this ministry underway. God says that what you have freely received, freely give.

God speaks to this church that it will be a sample not a sermon. God says you‟re not a message written on paper but you are a message written on the heart of God, an exhibition for people to see. A book may get the job done quicker, but books get thrown away. God just says to you it‟s not writing a book about this that‟s important; it‟s demonstrating that God‟s got something unique in this church. God also says there‟s a time coming to you when you will be then understood, where you will be better received by some than you have in the past. It‟s as though there is a seed planting going on and what God is building here is very important because it‟s being replicated in other places.

And the scripture says in the last days there will be saviours or deliverers that go forth out of Zion and I see continually that there is a going forth out of this church. Some of you in this room need to prepare seminars, you need prepare teachings, you need to prepare things that express what is unique in the life of this church. You need to be able to teach about planting, you need to be able to teach about team ministry, you need to be able to teach about releasing people. These are very important things because God is going to cause you to resource churches, even churches outside your own stream as a call for you to resource them and give them insight.

So this is a time when God is raising this multi-generational church, this three dimensional church if you like and God say to you in the process of doing that there will be an exhibition of what is mature and what is strong in the Lord.