Ken McGreavy – 22nd April 2006

A double portion. A double portion. I want to pray Holy Spirit connections on you because I have long felt that (you) will have connections into Europe and other places and I believe that we want to see them supernaturally brought into being more, but that those gateways into Europe will become connections for Europe into here and so we want to pray again for this divine interchange to start to take place with a supernatural connection. That there will be more of (you) into Europe and there will be more of Europe into here. Yes? Thank you for that. Thank you for affirming response. That is the first thing.

The second thing is that I notice that you have called it Jubilee Family Centre and we really want to see some favour and breakthrough with families. All the different levels, okay? So that is the thing, we don‟t just want replanting, but we want supernatural breakthrough will be happening.
So first is the interchange and supernatural connection with the nations. The second is breakthrough with families.

The third is that, you know, I cannot help but be here and see kind of the light of the presence of God on the building and we want to pray for some supernatural attractiveness. You know, that people are just drawn in, even off the street and all that kind of stuff, you know. I believe that the Lord wants to do that. He wants to give you some supernatural, you know, attractiveness. I was in a church and the Lord gave me that to pray. The Pastor told us that the next week, a guy came for the first time who had been reading his paper and had been looking at the memorial column for some reason, you know, all the people that had died. As he read them he thought, I am not ready to die. He looked up the name of the local church and went and got saved that morning. You know, because he was reading, and they died and they died and they died, you know, he was not ready to. There are all sorts of ways, isn‟t there that the Lord can just capture someone‟s heart and they come and so I see the light of the presence of his grace on this place. So we want to ask for supernatural attractiveness, that people will just, more and more people, they will just come, they will just come, they will just come and they will find Jesus.

The fourth thing that I want to pray is an outbreak of healing. Just an outbreak of healing because you know out there, there is a whole world of spirituality. But, for some reason, Christianity is not the kind of spirituality they want. Do you understand – what they think? But there is such brokenness out there that healing is a ray of truth. So Lord will you give us a greater level of breakthrough for healing for that in itself is all for the greater.

So we are going to pray those things okay? Again, if you would all reach out with me, let us just do that. Father, in the beautiful name of our Lord Jesus we are asking you together for Aylsham, Father. Asking you first of all for Maurice, that you will connect him to Europe and other places and you will connect them back here in the name of Jesus. That there might be a spiritual connection. An interchange of thoughts in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus. I know that this place is destined for other nations to be here in the beautiful name of our Lord Jesus. That you will give them supernatural connections in Jesus mighty name.

We are asking Lord for a breakthrough in the families in the name of Jesus. That you will put real favour on this place in relation to families so they will see more breakthroughs in Jesus beautiful name. We are asking Heavenly Father, that the light of the grace of your presence will so increase that it will be a magnet of people coming, so people will come to this place and come to this place and come to this place, even just off the streets Lord. Moved on by your spirit to come and they will find you in this place in the beautiful name of Jesus. We are asking for an increase of outbreak of healing Lord, in the beautiful name of Jesus. That healing will come to this place and healing would flow in Jesus name and that outbreaks of heaven will regularly occur on Sunday mornings Lord and all of that kind of stuff in the flow of life of the people here in the name of our Lord Jesus as more and more they have the courage to say to people, Lord, let me pray for you that heaven will come and break out in Jesus beautiful beautiful name. Amen. Amen.