Keith Hazell – 22nd February 2009

While we were praying I felt like God was wanting to speak to this church. I believe God wants to say to you that this, there’s a time of reshaping that He’s going to bring to your church. There‘s a time when He’s going to reshape the configuration, if you like, the way that you are and the way that you do things and that there are some new things that God is going to begin to inject into your church life that haven’t been here before. The Lord says there are even people that are coming to you who have very little experience in the things of God and you’re going to have to reconfigure some things to help them get better understanding. But the Lord also, I believe is telling you and speaking to those of you that are leaders in this church that some of you are going to have to reassign things that you are currently doing in order to concentrate on some other things that are more important that you do best. God says that this is a new time for prioritising in this church and He’s going to bring about the priority of His presence and He’s going to cause you to know what to choose to do and what not to choose to do. That release of God’s life that’s coming here is a very, very important thing because it’s going to ripple through the villages around. There’s a release of His life here that will ripple out into the villages and towns around. And there will be people that will be affected by what God is going to do in this church. Therefore God says that you need to keep the wineskin very supple here. You need to keep the shape very supple. Allow the Holy Spirit to move you into new shapes and new forms. And the Lord says that His hand is even on those that lead and there is a new, there is a new sense of refreshment that comes to them and that there are people coming to their aid that they have been looking for and they’ve been seeking for. The Lord says don’t fear that you will not be able to fulfil the task because I am actually sending you the workers to fill the gaps that you know are here in the house. Thank you Lord. Hallelujah. Amen.