Keith Hazell – 26th February 2009

ACC Elders Meeting

I feel one of the things that is going to break this thing we’ve been talking about tonight, something is going to break that, there is an initiative in the opposite direction that is coming to you. There is somebody who is coming to you who will say listen in spite of the fact we have this, and this, and this, what we need is this, so will you come and do this with us so that it can be done. And Maurice, I’m convinced that is the next step for you, that there has to be a man, there has to be a group of people, there has to be a segment of people who way, listen, we have come like the wise men, and we have come and looked and we have seen that this is what we want, and I speak Maurice that this is what is going to give you the peace in your heart when the initiation comes from somebody else, it doesn’t some from you. Well you are not actually the activator but you’re the responder. And I believe God says to you he is going to give you people who actually demand a response from you, they’re not going to ask, they are going to say Maurice, we have to have an answer. Will you come and help us do this. And I believe that it’s almost that there’s like a group of people on whom there is a pressure and just like we were talking to these folk this week who had this feeling that they were left, they were abandoned and that they needed someone to take an interest in them and I believe that this same quality is going to come to you of people who feel we have a part to play in the kingdom but actually nobody seems to be recognising it they’re always calling others to do it and leaving us in frustration and I believe that God is able to sell the programme, I just feel that people like Goff that they are sufficiently mature in God to know when God is saying something and to release people to do it. And so I just believe that there is a release that is coming to you.

I believe that also that you are sitting at the gateway of another instalment. It’s like God has been closing one chapter and God is opening a new chapter to you and that chapter has new churches in it and new visions in it and it has some measure of being able to provide something that proves the things you have been teaching. And God says that there are going to be, the Scriptures says “nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your sun” it talks about princes and princesses, people coming. And I’m convinced that even as you start, you begin to catch a vision for another wave of church planting, that God is going to send you people who want to stand alongside you to do the job, and as they stand alongside you to do the job they will show forth something that they have caught the vision that you have. The other picture I saw is of a starburst rocket and it went up and then it burst and there were stars falling all around on the ground around and I believe God says there are some starbursts rockets that he wants to release in the whole area that is going to cause attention to come to that area.

Lord you said my God shall supply all your needs, and Lord we are going to major on the words, my God shall, my God shall, because Lord they are the key words. Lord our every need, it’s selfish but the words my God shall points to the words Jehovah Jireh. Now Lord I pray, in the history of China, Mao came up with something that was the great leap forward. Lord, I just believe that Maurice and those who work with him are on the edge of a great leap forward and therefore I believe that you are going to put things in order in the home town before they are thrust forth, but a thrusting forth there will be in to the harvest field because the harvest is ripe and the reapers are few, says the Lord.

In Acts chapter 13 the Scriptures says separate to me Paul and Barnabas to the ministry to which I have called them and I believe that very much Maurice there is a point of separation that is coming to you. These men were never separated from the church in Antioch in the sense of being no more thought of, they were merely separated in the function of their daily life, their daily life ceased to be bound up with all the responsibilities of what went on in Antioch and they became focussed on building the wider kingdom of God and I believe that is the ultimate outcome of what God is trying to say to you here. I don’t have a date for it, but I just believe that that’s the place that you are stepping towards and I felt on Sunday morning that help was coming, and I do feel that God is going to bring you people in this church. There are two men in particular that are coming here that are going to be yoke-fellows, and they are going to be able to bear the burden with these guys and one of them I think is going to have the weight of the centre beam on his shoulder because he’s had some experience somewhere else and this experience somewhere else has disappointed him, someone is coming to you as a disappointed man who is going to get thoroughly thoroughly changed out of his disappointment, and this is the man that is going to be able to run this church the way it needs to be run and speak into the lives of people in the way it needs to be spoken, thank you Lord.

What’s been said to night is a summary of what’s been said before, but we know there is a tactic, there is a plan if you like, the word tactic, the word plan are two words that come to me, but there is an intention of God to take Maurice personally and take the church collectively into the next step, but I think what God is saying to you is that everything is not yet in place for you to be able to run down the road without hitting speed bumps. And that as God puts things in place, the acceleration is going to come, and there is a point that is going to come when you are going to put your foot on the door and “vroom” because the last obstacles are going to be out of the way, and it’s like God is saying, the thought is right but it’s a matter of wrestling with the timing. The speed bumps are there because I think everything else is not in place to do that yet, and even some things to do with Mike Betts that will need to be in place to allow you to be able to make the moves that you may feel that you need to make, that he may need some confidence, he may need to withdraw some road block that might seem to be coming from him, this is how I feel in my Spirit.

I think this picture is about you and about this church but I think there is an intersection here that has to do with Mike, and I believe that he is going to be a key of release here, it’s like he is going to say something and it’s going to provide the release that you need to hear from, it’s a key that is in his hand.

The other thing that’s involved with this is the Goff factor, and I believe that significant things are going to be happening with Goff that will actually cause him to take his focus simply out of Norwich and to begin to see beyond it. What Goff is involved with is a transient investment based on the fact that there are many more transients coming, what you’re talking about is a lifelong commitment, people being committed to community and reproducing that commitment in others. Lord, Jehosaphat says this, we actually don’t know what to do, but Lord we’re looking at you, here’s what we’re presented with, Lord help us to do our best to hear you and not just to go off on our own tangent, Lord we would like this to do that In Jesus name.