Brian Lee – 29th August 2010

The blessing of Joseph’s sons by Israel (Genesis 48: 9)

Israel was old and almost blind. Joseph arranged his sons Manasseh and Ephraim before Israel so he would bless the eldest son first with his right hand. However, unexpectedly Israel reached across, not in front, and blessed Ephraim first… when challenged by Joseph, Israel indicated that there was no mistake in this.

What can we draw from this?

With the church prayer week soon and the requirement of a new elder:

1. That we leave space for God to speak to us during the week of prayer and listen. While praying for things in the normal programme we should also be open to changes of priority or changes in the programme itself, maybe an addition or two.

2. That we should be open to accept and support a new elder, even if he may not be what we may have expected.

3. Generally that we remain open to new moves of God, be adaptable to his leading.