Ginny Burgin, Sheffield – September 2010

We are to know the times we are living in, God has birthed something, a new move of His Spirit has been birthed in the UK that will impact the nation, just as the ‘charismatic’ move swept across the nation and impacted it leaving a renewed and refreshed Church so this move will unlock the Church to be who she is and the walls of the Church will come down.

The first keynotes of this move are a renewed sense of worship with a real sense of intimacy with the Father coming through and a fresh understanding of His grace. Secondly, a renewed vigour in prayer, a prevailing in prayer and hearts being overtaken by the need to pray for the lost, for many more to come into the kingdom. Happenings will begin such as a spontaneous healing here, or miraculous answer to prayer over there, increased numbers becoming Christians etc. During this time many will be released in different ways, some into the gifts of the Spirit for the first time.

There are two things that will hinder the move of the spirit one would be having an overly critical attitude to what is happening, judging people in how they are (some may behave or say things inappropriately in their excitement) and what they bring in a way that will close everything down again. The other is to begin to strategise, try and shape or organise and build something around what is happening that boxes it all in and that will equally close it all down.

It will be tempting to give less room for preaching/teaching at times but not to fall into this trap as it will be even more important to maintain the preaching/teaching times as there will very much be the need to say “This is that”. There will be an anointing coming on the preaching times and even where things have been preached about before this time there will be an anointing that opens up hearts even more. God will be significantly at work through the preaching times to cut into hearts and draw to repentance. The new thing has begun, limitations are to be lifted and man made boundaries will be broken down, something new is being formed.