Megan Foster (September 2010)

I see a heart valve with the word Mitral; this was quite specific and I saw that the function of this particular valve was of significance.  I thought that there was a valve with that sort of name but wasn’t sure so I had to look it up and there it was!

I saw this valve closing as being something that was coming to a close in our church family.  However, I saw that this was essential if the body was going to continue to function.  It was vital that this valve closed so that the blood could flow to the lungs and become re-oxygenated.  I saw this as part of a natural function that was taking place and not the coming to end of a season to be followed by a new season, but an essential way to allow the Holy Spirit to continue to breathe life and power into the body.

The Holy Spirit is breathing revival into our lives but, this is not just a ‘one off’ but will become part of the normal function of our church family especially here in Aylsham.  However, the first valve has to close before the heart can begin to function efficiently.  Blood needing oxygenation will then flow in and the valve will close again sending the blood to the lungs and on into the body…

I do see this as being in part releasing Maurice and, although painful for us all, it is part of God’s working out his purposes in our church family.  We all want to be at the centre (the heart) of what God is doing and this is the beginning of something quite amazing at Aylsham Community Church.  I also see this as being a word of significance for those in our church family who have worked so long and hard for little return and haven’t seen the fruit that they long for.