Penny Taylor – 5th September 2010

The picture was all about the heavy machinery coming in to the harvest. I’ve seen combine harvesters being driven all over the place recently as the harvest is being brought in at the moment and working at all hours of the day and night – there was one on the field over from us recently till late into the night keeping Zach awake.

The first thing I felt was God was saying that we’d watched the combine harvesters at work in other countries and in other regions and always wished we had them here! Collecting in the ones and twos even 10’s has been great but how amazing it would be to have all the harvest in in one go!

Also the way the farmers work is very relational. They don’t all own their own set of machinery – they borrow from each other, hire in machinery together and work together to see the harvest brought in.

Finally the statement I had (and have had) going round and round is that it’s our turn to have the heavyweight machinery. The combines are on their way – there ours to use!

In addition I was stirred that we need to be awake and will be kept awake!! These machines were so noisy they kept Zach awake as they worked. There was a sense that the timescales – harvesting isn’t a 9-5 job! – might be outside our expectations and that we also need to have eyes open and ears open to every opportunity – to those we’ve been praying for for years but also people who just come across our paths in God given opportunities.