Prophetic Words (Week of Prayer) January 2012

“I do believe this year is going to be full of breakthroughs and exciting advances for the kingdom.  I believe we will see a new level of significant increase in the Lord moving in the miraculous (particularly in healing) in the UK.  This will essentially begin in the church with a fresh move of Holy Spirit activity which will be inconvenient, with extraordinary displays of his manifested glory.

I believe that there will be a number of places that will host a residential glory anointing.  Actual physical places will seem to have an attraction for the glory of God and many will find radical freedom and breakthrough.

This will be merged with a radical understanding of the priesthood of all believers, and personal, friendship evangelism will come with a new authority as the church gets free.

The emphasis of kingdom influence will only be as effective as the power in which we move. The message of sonship and kingdom will become central in flowing in this unusual anointing.

I felt the Lord speak to me out of Mark 6, where Jesus crosses over into a new region and immediately people recognize him and the miraculous begins to break out.

The whole region was affected. I believe God is about to release genuine apostolic authority that will contend for regional breakthroughs. It will be marked by a sudden recognition of Jesus.”

(Prophecy from Julian Adams)

God has much to release to us – it will come not through the sweat of hard work or the pain of sacrifice, but through a Heart of Prayer and Worship. So set your hearts / set the pace accordingly. You will begin to see the impact you’ve longed for.

God is calling us to be a ‘Link in the Chain’ in helping people to encounter Jesus. So keep loving, caring & serving. This is for the glory of His name.

Romans 12:1 – bring your lives as living sacrifices of worship – ‘let us bring those gifts’ – this is not an onerous call, but one that will be releasing, and bring freedom and blessing.

Do you sometimes feel too small/inadequate? Do not discount yourself from God’s purposes – God has all the strength you need. You are fearfully & wonderfully made.

Like a submarine breaking the surface – suddenly there for all to see – there are words/promises that God has spoken over people that are going to begin to ‘break the surface’. A new anointing is coming into being in many lives.

RUN to the battle-lines (1 Samuel 17:22)
This is a time for boldness / courage – a time to run to the battle-lines. We must:
Put on the armour of God
Remember we are strong in HIS mighty power
Pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests

Specifically, be stirred to pray in tongues
A mark of truly charismatic church (e.g. Pentecost – the sign of speaking in tongues was followed by the unprecedented outbreak of the work of the Holy Spirit in salvation & healing).  Don’t be ‘timid’ with this gift – the Spirit is interceding for us (Romans 8:26)

Big, Bold Prayers
We are to lay hold of God’s promises and not let go in prayer (be confident, bold & persistent)
“How long, Lord?” – a humble but insistent cry of the heart
We are able to do this because we are confident of the ground on which we stand:
The unshakeable rock of Christ, our Lord
Our new identity in him – Sons & Daughters – ‘in Christ’ – through grace
Our calling in Him – ambassadors, fellow-workers, ‘salt of the earth & light of the world’, chosen & appointed to bear fruit, empowered by the Holy Spirit
(This is at the heart of grasping the message of ‘Sonship’ & ‘Kingdom’ – see Julian Adam’s prophecy)

There is a sense that God is saying to us “I’ve been waiting for you to ask…”
God reminds us that faith that is only the size of a mustard seed can move mountains

Rain of God’s Holy Spirit
Praying for & believing for the rain of the Spirit to:
break up the dry ground
to multiply the harvest

 ‘Hearts, Eyes & Ears’ – for some the Spirit needs to start with us and:
soften our hearts,
open our eyes with faith and
open our ears to hear again what God is saying but with a freshness (especially where promises haven’t been fulfilled or seem frustrated).

‘Justice’ and ‘Righteousness’
These words are going to be written over the church – a mark of who we are to be.

‘Words of Eternal Life’ – only Jesus has the words of eternal life
We are to pray His words of life and blessing into people’s situations with a confidence to see change

Unity – the importance of being of one accord – one heart and mind and purpose, keeping our eyes on Jesus)
Anointing/blessing comes out of this unity – God’s smile on those that work together.

Time to ‘de-clutter’
David refused to wear Saul’s armour – he already had his ‘sling-shot’ strategy.
Jesus left behind His heavenly glory and majesty to do the Kingdom work on earth.
Jesus told his disciples not to take unnecessary kit on the mission (Matt 10:9).
Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate what is necessary for us to do the Kingdom work God has prepared for us and discard everything else? (Unhelpful friendships, time consuming hobbies or anything else that distracts us)

The Wind
There is a wind coming – the wind of God’s presence. For some it comes as a strong wind to blow unnecessary things away; for others it is a warm, comforting wind of embrace

Taste and see – all that God does is good
Even when what He does is ‘inconvenient’ for us (see Julian Adams’ prophecy) or challenging to our way of thinking (like Peter’s vision in Acts 10)
‘What do you see?’ – be ready and asking God that we would see things from His perspective

‘Where is Jesus?’
A picture of crowds in the town of Aylsham, asking ‘Where is Jesus?’ The church is recognized as a people who have ‘rubbed shoulders’ with Jesus.