Life Groups

At Aylsham Community Church we strongly believe that God’s plan for His church is for us to be a community, ‘doing life’ together with Him at the centre. This is the purpose of Life Groups – a programme of mid-week groups which we would like to invite everyone to be a part of.

Here are just a few reasons to be part of a Life Group. A Life Group will:

  • help us build and deepen friendships
  • equip us in shaping and sharpening our faith as we grow closer to God together
  • be an excellent place to serve, use our gifts and be released into all that God has intended for us
  • provide us with opportunities to invite friends and those wishing to explore faith in Jesus to come and experience His family ‘in action’

There are a variety of Life Groups to choose from, so we trust you will find and enjoy the right one for you.

The following Life Groups will run from September 2017 – February 2018.


A walk through the Psalms – enjoy and be inspired by the Bible as we explore it through the lens of the Psalms.

Led by: David and Ruth Dawson
When: Weekly | Tuesdays | 7.30pm—9.30pm
Where: Cromer


This is an 8 session series exploring how to build a strong relationship with Jesus, based around the New Testament book of Philippians. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to make the most of their Christian lives! Handbook         required – cost £2.99.

Led by: Gordon and Karen Lindsay, John Smith
When: Fortnightly, Wednesdays 7.30pm—9.00pm
Where: Aylsham


Time to get together for a coffee and chat, followed by a Bible study. The aim is: together, with the Holy Spirit, to look at a passage of scripture in order to feed on God’s word, hear what He is saying to us and apply His word to our lives.

Led by: Keith and Gill Bonner
When: Weekly, Thursdays 10.30am—12 noon
Where: Aylsham


This group is for anyone who wants a better understanding of Biblical truth. We will use some parts of the NewFrontiers WordPlus syllabus, and also some of our own material. The group won’t just be a series of lectures. There will be a lot of discussion and interactivity, with sessions led by members of the group.

Led by Bruce Cairns
When: Fortnightly, Thursdays 7.30pm—9.00pm
Where: Jubilee Family Centre


“Women who walk” is not surprisingly a group for women who want to gather together to walk, talk and pray! We will meet during term time at a group member’s home for coffee before going out and walking for about an hour whilst chatting and praying for one another and our community. We also want to be open to God giving us opportunities as we walk to engage with our community.

Led by Chris Schaitel and Susan Webster
When: Fortnightly, Thursdays 9.30am—11.30am
Where: Aylsham


A coffee morning where we can invite people we know to come and have coffee, eat cake and chat together in a friendly and loving atmosphere. There will be the opportunity to offer prayer for people as well.

Led by Linda Green
When: Weekly, Fridays 10.30am—11.30am
Where: Jubilee Family Centre