Pray For Your Area

29 March-29 May

We are inviting everyone in the church to go for a walk and pray boldly and specifically for the street where you live and beyond. 

Will You Join Us?

  • Take ownership of the area where you live?
  • Play your part in saturating Aylsham or your town or village in prayer?

How can I get involved? 

  • Go for a prayer walk then let us know which streets you have prayed for by completing this simple form or email Peter Atthill
  • We will then update our online map which everyone will be able to see
  • You might like to check the map first, see which streets haven’t been prayed for yet and then go and cover them in prayer.  
  • You can go on your own, you could go as a family, you could go with a friend or even as a group. Just make sure you’re following social distancing guidelines. 
  • You might choose to walk and pray around the streets closest to where you live or if you live on an estate, could you walk and cover the whole estate in prayer? 
  • You could go for a short walk every day or head out walk for miles and see where God takes you. 
  • If you live in another town or village, can you cover the area you live in prayer. 
  • If you are unable to go out then are you able to pray for your area from home? 

Click here to view the map on another page.

How to Pray

Jesus told us to pray “Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matt 6v10) so our prayers will be for bad things to stop, and the good things of God’s Kingdom to start. 

  • Before you leave – ask God to guide your prayers and for opportunities to speak to people as you go. 
  • Be led by the Spirit – keep your eyes open and as you walk see what you are prompted to pray for – a house name, garden ornament, road name, colour all these things might prompt you in how to pray. 
  • Pray blessings over households and families. 
  • There might be people you know who live on that street and pray for them specifically. 
  • There might be schools or businesses or other churches where you live and you can pray for them and bless them. 

Be A Witness

As you walk, look out for opportunities to be a witness to those around you.

  • Maybe you’ll be able to pick up litter or see an opportunity to help someone in need.
  • If someone asks what you’re doing a great response would be “We are praying for this street that God would bless the people here.   
  • You might like to ask “Is there anything we can pray for you for?” 

Good News Stories

If you have a good news story of God at work whilst you were out and about and praying then let us know. We would love to love to hear your testimony. Contact Peter Atthill.