The Bible tells followers of Jesus to encourage and care for one another. One of the ways we do this at Aylsham Community Church is by encouraging people to ‘Huddle’ together.

What is a Huddle?

A Huddle is a group of 2-4 people meeting regularly to encourage and strengthen one another through prayer, and to pray for others.

How often should our Huddle meet?

Either weekly or fortnightly. Anything less than that means it is hard to keep a sense of momentum.

How long should we meet for each time?

Probably between 30-60 minutes. The bigger the Huddle the more time it takes for everyone to be able to share and pray!

What is the purpose of a Huddle?

  • Discipleship – to be able to spur one another on in our faith, witness, and love for God & others.
  • Nurture – to encourage one another with support, care, prayer and using the gifts given us by God’s Spirit.
  • Accountability – to build our friendships so that we are able to be open and honest with each other about the highs and lows of life.

What sort of things should we talk and pray about together in our Huddle?

To make Huddles as effective and enjoyable as possible aim to include the following ingredients regularly in the mix of your times together:

What God is saying

  • Share with each other what you have been reading in the Bible, and maybe one scripture that has encouraged, strengthened or challenged you.

What God is doing

  • Share answers to prayer you have seen, encouragements you have experienced, opportunities God has given you on your ‘frontlines’ – give thanks! Celebrate the big things and the small things!

‘When the going gets tough…’

  • Where are you struggling at the moment? Where are you asking God for help or breakthrough?

‘…the tough get going’!

  • Where would you love to be able to take a step of faith at the moment? Or to grow in character or gifting? Share and pray for each other.

Looking Out

  • Who else are you praying for? For salvation? For Healing? For provision? Ask God to show you how to pray and whether you can be part of the answer too! (Make use of the prayer list on the weekly ACC bulletin)

You don’t have to cover all these things each time you meet!

Ask God for: faith as you pray, perseverance to keep going, and spiritual gifts to bless each other and empower your times.

Why not use notebooks to keep records of answers to prayer and as a prompt to pray between your times together.

How do I start?


  • Think about who you could ask to form a Huddle with you, then ask them! If you are stuck for ideas about who to ask, speak to one of the Elders and we will help you find a Huddle to join.

When & Where?

  • Between you set a realistic time, frequency and meeting place for getting together then set the dates in your diary.